relationship advice (post new situation)
"happily married"
the advise is good, but it doesn't help me to know how to rediret my attention, we are the only ones in the office together, all day, we both want to do this for purely selfish reasons, so how do i get the erge to go away?
posted by workin hard on 12/18/2007 @2:15:36 PM •
honestly... it would probably be best for you to quit your job if you can't redirect your attention. jobs are easy to come by, but the life you have now isn't. consider all the people in your life and that of your co-worker that your actions would affect. and even though it's supposed to be kept "secret," things like that are never permanently quiet. ever.

i wish i could just suggest a rubik's cube, but that's not gonna cut it this time...
posted by thomas on 12/18/2007

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