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"I want Him<3 ."
Okay so i really really like this guy and i just met him he is really nice and i love to talk to him and he tells me that he loves talking to me and he likes me for who i am and no one eles when im around or talking to him i dont feel like i have to pretend to be someone eles but the thing is that he has a girlfriend i no this is bad of me but if u have ever liked someone so much you cant help but like them then u no what im talking about well he recently told me that he cant like me because he is worried that his girlfriend will find out and honestly i was broken just knowing that he wont or is trying not to have those feelings for me anymore, i mean i really like this kid and i dont know what i should do, i have an idea that i just need to get over him but i dont no how or even if i can, we still talk but it hurts me so much and i dont know if i can even talk to him anymore but then again idk if i tell him that i dont wanna talk to him anymore if i will miss him really bad and that would be awful because i dont wanna loose him but at the same time i feel like its my only choice. He told me that he really wants to be good friends and that MAYBE we will date in the future i really need your help i no that you cant make him want me but all i wanna no is how can i get over him. please help.
posted by Shae on 2/27/2008 @6:14:03 PM •
honestly, ive just recently been in the position of the GIRLFRIEND, and you should never be okay with being 'the other girl' obviously there is a reason that this guy hadnt dropped his girl and there is a reason this girl is with him. they have feelings for each other an dits totally natural for him to have little crushes on other girls, but i can only hope that if u care for him as mich as u say u do than you can be happy just knowing that HES happy by staying w/his g//f. it may be hard to accept, but she found him first and they are with each other for a reason. dont be a homewrecker...
posted by kt (age 16) on 3/3/2008

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