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"Boyfriends mom"
Me and my boyfriend has been living together for 10 years now. In October of last year his dad passed and his mom had to move out of her house due to landlord not paying taxes, so my boyfriend told her she could stay with us till after the holidays. He did not talk this over with me and just said she is gonna stay with us for a couple months. Well here it is July and shes still here making our lives miserable. My b/f got hurt just before Christmas and had to have surgery and couldnt work. The place he was working at closed down while he was recovering, but came March he was able to look for work but hasnt put much effort in as its July and he still dont have a job. His mom gives me $200 a month to help out but she dont do nothing else.

She is so lazy and messy, she makes messes in the bathroom and does a bad job cleaning it up. She doesnt cook or wash the dishes, she leaves her trash laying every where. My b/f said shes old and has problems moving around. She is 63 but she has no problem bending over when she drops her cigs or lighter on the floor or any thing that is hers that not trash. Ive found her insulin needles laying on floor next to trash can, pills laying around on the floor, paper cups and trash in the sink. All she does is lay around watching tv or sleeping, luckily she does her own laundry and sometimes washes our laundry with hers witch makes me mad, cause they stink when there done and I have to re wash them. She listen in on or conversations, stares at me, reads what I got up on the computer as shes walking by.

I am so fed up with her and my b/f knows how I feel, hes even getting fed up with her too. I told him he needs to tell her to go in 2 months but I think he thinks im not serious. I told him he needs to get a job and make her leave.

Im to the point that id would move out and just leave them both here, But being im the only income here I cant save any money and I owe a big gas bill in my name that I cant pay off. The gas bill is in his name now, but if I was to move I wouldnt be able to have gas and there are not many all electric rentals around here.
I just dont know what to do, I am so unhappy.

posted by amy (age 48) on 7/9/2017 @10:12:51 AM •
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