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"stealing family member"
well I need advice on what to do about my sister. Shes been living in my moms house for about 3 years now. She hasn't even thought about finding a job and shes already going to be 31 this year. My mother, out of the kindness of her heart has let my sister live there without paying rent. I've talked my mother into bringing it up but whenever she does my sister starts yelling and screaming till she thinks we give up. I found out recently that she came into my moms room and stole a whole thing of a 12 pack of toilet paper and had It locked away in her room. So when she left I lock picked the door to retrieve It and I saw a lot of my own belongings inside of her makeup bag. I had been looking for that stuff for months. I don't know what to do but I'm tired of the stealing and I'm tired of her taking advantage of my moms kind heart. Is there any one who could give me advice its very much needed.
posted by mackenzie on 7/15/2017 @7:47:20 AM •
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