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"Which Option?"
I have family issues. Not BAD bad family issues, but bad enough to make me want to cry, at least. And I need advice. On what I should do. To explain, phycological abuse and mental abuse happen a lot in our family, and I just.... Don't know what to do anymore. I have six options... Of those, I'm only thinking about two...
1) Run Away
2) Ignore the problem and continue spiralling downwards in sanity
3) kill myself
4) Murder them
5) Confront the problem and try to work it out (boy have I already tried)
6) Cry. A lot. Then do one of the above.
I'm only contemplating one, which I'm prepared enough to do, or two, which I've done so much that my heart constantly aches and my thoughts constantly lead to worse and worse things to keep my mind off of it... What should I do? Note: Yes. I have tried the authorities and any other method I could think of. No, they have not worked.
posted by Raven (age 16) on 7/16/2017 @10:38:05 PM •
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