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"Step-Mom/Home wreacker"
I have a very special situation. My stepmom acts completely unfair to me but treats my younger sister and all her kids like angels. I try to avoid her but anytime I do she tries to make me look like a villan and gets my dad involved. I need help with her kids too the boys see how there mom treats me and treats me the same also the oldest boy is a spoiled brat who bosses around the younger brother so I stand up for the younger brother but both boys still treat me like **** I AM 13 AND I HAVE TO BABYSIT THEM 4 times a week from sun up to sun down My dad now looks at me like I am some villan its always my fault all because of his wife TINA MARIE KITTLESON MAY SHE BURN. And her daughter is even worse than the boys she has stolen my 11 year old sister from me all of them are younger than me but seriously anytime they are sweet to me they are ****bags the next day.HELP! I might be kicked out of my dads house I am actually considering boarding school
posted by Syd on 8/9/2017 @12:06:28 AM •
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