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my boyfriends mom hates me....she will take the phone out of my boyfriends hand and hang up on me, she has accused me and my parents of stalking and harrassing her. she has went to the high school i go to and has tried to find out my attendance records. she serioulsy hates me. i have not did anything to her for her to hate me, what do i do?
posted by brittany (age 17) on 2/27/2008 @7:34:46 PM •
until she's ready to sit down and have a real, actual, adult conversation about the whole thing, about the only thing you can do is avoid her, and be nice whenever you have to deal with her. it's a hard thing for you to deal with, but eventually she's just going to have to give up, understand that you're going to be in her son's life and finally get to know the real you. until that happens, just hang in there...
posted by jon on 2/28/2008
What a child that woman is acting like! She's over protective of her son, and obviously she is testing you to see how much you can handle. But, you should sit down with your boyfriend and SERIOUSLY talk about calling the police.
posted by casey on 3/4/2008

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