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Two months ago I was in a very bad crash. I was a meth head when I wrecked. Atleast and 8 ball a week. The crash caused me to have two different surgeries on my intestines. Also kidneys and liver. There were three metal plates put in my face which also left a huge scar across my chin. And my leg, my femer bone was split and knee chipped. Which ended me up in a wheel chair for 8 weeks. Helpless was a understatement for what is was like in the begging. At first I couldn't bath myself. Stand up. Taking care of my kids was way out of the question. I remember one night my stomach hurt so bad. I had to have antacid. I couldn't get to the kitchen because when I'd use the walker it would hurt so bad. And my wheel chair I couldn't get out of my room alone. So I crawled, halfway down the hallway I realized how far it was. I began to cry. I had no idea why I was hurting so bad. I remember crying and laying in the floor with the dogs. Weeks went by. I cried slot but continued to get better. One night I started throwing up. The pains were back in my stomach. Intestines had become detached from my stomach. Another surgery. Another start over. 3 weeks later the doctor told me I could walk again. I started my first week by talking to my kids dad who was still on drugs. Took Him to church one Friday and ended up sleeping with him. He promised to go to rehab. Thinking he was serious I tried. He ended up hitting me making me fall and hurt my leg all over again. Two weeks later I went back to work on assembly line. 3 weeks into it I have found out I'm pregnant and quit my Job. I couldn't concentrate, I had no energy. I still feel out of the routine of life. Like IDK what to do. I'm at home now with my youngest daughter. And take my oldest to school every morning. But almost like a special needs person I do not know how to live yet. To be content. To be the single mother I was without methamphetamine and physical restraints.
posted by Destiney (age 22) on 8/25/2017 @1:01:01 AM •
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