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So me and my boyfriend have been dating on and off for over 3 years, (only broke up once for 6 months and got back together.) He's my best friend, and I love him like no other. Recently we've been fighting a lot, about stupid things that we can never seem to remember. We went on a trip to a city 7 hours away and we had a great time on our way and in the beginning. In the end is was a disaster. We ended up yelling at each other in front of our friends. We had to ride in the car today for 7 hours. The fight was so bad it carried into that next day of the car ride home. He wouldn't talk, he kept saying, "It's over, I'm done." In the most coldest voice I've ever heard him speak.
He's a very timid guy, he puts up walls and I'm the only person in his life that has always been there for him and who never gives up on him even when he pushes everyone away. He recently started back at University full time, and works early morning from 4 am-9 am and then straight to class until 5 pm most days. When he gets stressed out he works himself up and takes it out on the people closest to him, aka me. So today in the car he said he loves me but doesn't see himself marrying me so there's no point in to continue to date. We are recently 21 and 22 years of age and I don't bring up marriage, because that's so far away in my mind. I tell him to live in the present and worry about that later because things change and people change....He gets so hell bent on not marrying me that he can't enjoy our time together now that he just pushes me away....I love him and he says he loves me. I want to resolve it. What do I do?
posted by Emma (age 21) on 9/17/2017 @11:39:28 PM •
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