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I'm a 21 year old college student. I was kicked out at 19 and moved in with my boyfriend and his mom. Him and I just got our own apartment two months ago and I commute an hour and 15 minutes to school. I have no friends really, and I feel depressed because outside of having him I'm completely alone. I love my boyfriend and I truly believe I won't find another in life as good as he is. However, I wish I could live near campus, have friends, and be more involved in my college experience. I'm torn and I can either 1. Stay with my boyfriend, always wonder what life would've been like if I had applied myself to the college life more or 2. Leave my boyfriend, feel the pain, pick myself back up. And continue on in life wondering what could've been between him and I. Help.
posted by Lindsey (age 21) on 11/9/2017 @12:44:09 PM •
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