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I have this boy. His name is David. We have had our ups and downs and he is so inlove with me probably more than i ever was with him. i am bestfriends with all of his friends. well three of his guy friends and my bestfriend hung out all day and they came over. two of the boys like my bestfriend and the other is just her friend. his names wyatt and until last night he was a virgin. We all got drunk and while im with david me and his bestfriend wyatt had sex and we told him about it. he called my mom in the middle of the night and told her i had explainin to do so we made up a lie and now im so grounded and i need help how do i move on with this guilt? my parents dont know and my ex thinks im a ****
posted by Brittany (age 16) on 11/25/2017 @10:35:48 PM •
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