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"I feel stuck.."

So my mom wants me to get a Job, I told her many many times that I don t have any problem getting a job, but here s the worst part about it all.

First off, I have 2 sisters (17 and 6yrs old).
They re both in school. And I m the oldest, Done with school. So this is basically my weekly schedule.

Monday/Tuesday - wake up at 7am and do nothing until it s time to pick up my sister at 3pm

Wednesday/Thursday/Friday - Wake up (7am) Drop my sister off at the bus stop at 8am. And then pick her up at 3pm.

My 17yr old sister Goes to school everyday and Gets out at 2pm (but she doesn t always come straight home)

My Mom leaves Home around 8am (only on monday/tuesday) and gets home around 8pm.

I feel very stuck, I want to get a job but I m stuck in this schedule that s perfectly fit for me if I don t work, I m like the only person that my family relies on being at the house and I feel like if I get a job this schedule is gonna collapse.
posted by Brian (age 18) on 12/6/2017 @10:49:45 PM •
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