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"I think I'm being played"
So I'm in college and at the beginning of my year I promised myself I wouldn't get with anyone in my program, at least until after I graduate. However, I've become friends with a guy in my program and I have feelings for him. I am a very open and honest person but one day we were hanging out and telling each other stories and gossip within our program and I ended up telling him I liked him, "lowkey want to bang him" is what I said exactly. He's been holding it over my head and makes references to it but in such a way that only I know what he really means.

Him and I and couple of friends went out for drinks and he made a subtle comment but winked at me after he said what he said. Flirting is fun, I absolutely love it. But he has a girlfriend of almost three years... He came over one night and we got bored and started asking each other questions and as time progressed, the questions got deeper and a lot of them were sexually oriented. The sexual tension in the air could be cut with a knife. After he left he asked if I enjoy the anticipation of having sex more or just having sex. And being the honest person I am, I said the anticipation. Right after I called him out on his bull**** and asked why he's flirting with me if he has a girlfriend. He answered, "Because I like you and if I can't be honest with you I can't be with myself". I told him that this is unfair to his girlfriend and the flirting should stop. He agreed and we went back to being friends.

However, the odd ever so subtle flirt will be said and we both brush it off as if it is nothing. We are friends first and I don't want to ruin his relationship. But now he talks to me about his troubles with his girlfriend and how they almost broke up a couple times only a few days ago.

I can't help but wonder if he's keeping me on the hook, which I'm pretty sure he is. But he is a fun guy and great to be around and I don't want to lose him as a friend but it is so difficult to not feel the way I do around him.

I don't know what to do.
posted by Emma (age 19) on 12/14/2017 @2:54:51 PM •
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