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There is this girl that I been in love with for two years. She is my ex girlfriend & I waited two years go be with her cause she was in a relationship with this guy. They finally broke up & she started talking to me again. She said she wanted to be single cause she wants her freedom & I said okay. But I finally seen her after so long and she came down to spend the weekend at my house, she wanted to party so I had a bunch of friends over. And I walked in on her with one of my best friends that I knew for 6 years hooking up on my bed in my room in my house. I know I don't have a right to be mad at the girl I love cause shes not my girl to say what she does, I'm more less disappointed in the fact that she disregarded my feelings and did what she did in my house with my friend. & I'm mad at my friend for doing that to me after knowing how I felt about her for so long. It was such a dramatic situation, the cops came, and a whole bunch of stuff. I just don't know what to do cause I still care about both of them even though I am a fool.
posted by Nicole (age 18) on 2/28/2008 @4:20:57 AM •
dear nicole, what a **** get a nerve i mean don't let people treat you like that you know what im actually really serious about the advice i give but this is bull**** from the girl you like i used to like this one guy and my friend started going out with him and she knew how i felt you know what i did i let the drama pass talked the same and after a month i found someone else that appreciated me and guess what the traitors wanted my attention and wanted to hang out with me always. you know what i realize about that i learned to live my life to the fullest **** them lol and they came back begging for my friendship if you really like this girl just say hey you want my friend not me fine whatever im outty and at the moment call someone and say let's hang out or make someone call you nonstop when you go to her house
posted by marlen (age 19) on 3/3/2008
Ok. First of all, your not a fool, at the moment your a victim. Get them all together and talk it out, then see what went wrong. Its their problem they started and they need to fix it.
posted by casey on 3/4/2008

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