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"My Boyfriend and I"
My boyfriend and I have been going out for atleast a month now. I'm very happy with him and I do truely love him. I feel a little uncomfertable with our relationship sometimes because I think he sometimes doesn't trust me. I trust him fairly enough that I believe he should trust me back. And I'm not going to break up with him. Or talk things out. I'm sure he isn't cheating on me, because we have a good solid relationshhip. Other times, I feel like he doesn't want to speak with me or neglects me. But I plan on our relationship going for a very long time..
posted by Casey on 2/28/2008 @2:08:05 PM •
chill. you've only been going out for a month, trust takes time. some people are very trusting, while others take some time to build on that trust. also, talking is an extrememly important part of any relationship, but guys don't always want to talk about important things. if he doesn't seem to want to talk to you, bring up something he likes. things that guys talk about can tell a lot about them. oh, and don't plan a guy into your future, just learn from your experiences. hope to help =D
posted by Dorothy_Rose (age 18) on 3/3/2008
look casey u said u truely love him and dat uve been dating him for a long time!!!!!!!!!! face it! he loves u!! and um if thr is any problemo, u really should talk wit him.. if he says something ddat hurts u... 1 thing... get over him!!! i didnt have diss situation b4 but ma friend did... she foloed ma advice and got da truth!! trust me wit diss and go tryy....

good luckkk
posted by chungjin on 3/4/2008
You shouldnt be worrying about any of this. your relationshp is fresh and in time you will see him trust you more and more. just enjoy everything and have fun. =)
posted by Kevin on 3/4/2008
just chill and enjoy what comes along. ym freind had a similar sitiuation. she thought her boyfriend didnt trust her and i told her to just wait and see what happened. then about 2 weeks later he told her the biggest secret of his life. just give him pointers that he can trust you. and the neglecting, well guys tend to get shy around theyre girlfreind no matter how long they have been dating. and even though you want them to they may not treat you the same way around theyre friends as they do when you are alone. so just sit back and enjoy the ride. but back to the trust thing it takes time to build up full trust. so just wait and see what hapens
posted by logan elizabeth (age 27) on 3/4/2008
okay, first off a month of dating isn't that much.. you hardly even know what that person is like as a boyfriend. People have a hard time building trust so give it a little more time than a month. and also don't be too clingy. guys dont really enjoy that too much.
posted by Jackie (age 17) on 3/4/2008
trust takes time. some people trust faster than others. he may not be fully comfortable yet. dont crowd him. Just let him get comfortable at his own pace. He may just be a vrey independant guy who's unused to relationships just give him some space
posted by Rachael (age 17) on 3/5/2008
You've only been dating a month... you say you "truely love" him... but your trust issues are shaky with one another... hmm.. somehow or another I think you should rethink the :truely loving him: part... im not sure you know what true love is if that is the case... good luck and maybe cut back on the clinginess...?
posted by PollyDoesntWantYourStupidCracker (age 18) on 3/7/2008

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