relationship advice (post new situation)
"i screwed up :("
there is this girl that i like, and she likes me, too. But, she has been talking to this guy in California for idk how long. and they have grown really close. we both live in ga and i think its ridiculous that she thinks she's gonna be with a dude who lives in cali. but she "loves" him. well, i was in a depressed mood today and i threw up in her face that she would pick the other guy over me. and she got so upset and i just dont know what to do to make it right again.

can you help me?
posted by Trip (age 16) on 2/28/2008 @6:26:56 PM •
i've found that just admitting you did something dumb and apologizing for it works really well. girls respect that. it's not an easy thing to do, though...
posted by jj (age 32) on 2/28/2008
Wow trip. I am in like the exact situation. I have had conversations with my parents about relationships before and they said something that they had heard at a marriage conference one time that I though was a good requirement for any relationship. Before anything serious happens, YOU HAVE TO HAVE AT LEAST 300 HOURS OF FACE TO FACE TIME TOGETHER. If you don't have this, then you will end up finding stuff about them that you didn't know after you made a decision.

Not that I'm doing all that good in my situation, you basically just have to be there for her. California is pretty far away and if she is your age, I'm guessing she won't move there anytime soon. So, my advice would be for you just to be there for here, support her, and, honestly, pray for her. Also, pray for your heart, that you would keep it pure and not become hardened towards her. I'm praying for ya trip!
posted by Joe (age 18) on 2/29/2008

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