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"bestfriends in love"
so im in love with my bestfriend and he just started going out with this girl that doesnt like me because i know more about him then she does so she is taking him away from me but i love and he has told his other friend he wants to date me but doesnt want to mess up your friendship if we were to brake up so we havent gone out and i have gotten to the point to where any guys i go out with i compare them to him and no one is able to replace him so what should i do?
posted by Rachel on 2/28/2008 @7:16:58 PM •
hey. so i have been in the same position. alot of times dating your best friend does not end up good. and if he really loves you he wont let this girl get in the middle of yours and his friendship. my best friend who im in a similar position with says that if the girl does not get along with me, then its bye to them. stand up for yourself and i think you should talk to him about it and tell him how you feel. what do you have to lose?
posted by nicole (age 20) on 2/28/2008
No one can take anyone from you. You should sit down with him, alone and tell him how you feel. This will really tell you what he thinks and it gives you 2 a chance to spend some time together.
posted by Megan (age 21) on 2/29/2008
heyy i have been in the same situation as u are rite now. what i did was tell the guy u rele like him nd wanna take ur relationship further and that if u both feel things r gettin frustrating then end it before it goes to far. i have used this tactic nd for me it worked. so juss try it and see what happens!
posted by Alivz (age 18) on 2/29/2008

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