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ok so this kid rele likes me and idk wat to do. cuz i used to like him a while ago but he wuldnt give me the time of day so i got over it. but the thing is now he lives with me and i feel bad when i bring other guyz over the house cuz i dun wanna hurt him or nething like that. wat shuld i do? hold myself bak from bein happy becasue of him or give him the same treatment he gave me so long ago??
posted by Alivz (age 18) on 2/29/2008 @2:55:30 PM •
well... it's never a good idea to postpone or give up happiness to pay somebody back. you should do what makes you happy, then talk to him if he seems to be bothered.
posted by jon on 3/3/2008
Ok-your happiness should never be brought down by others. Especially others, if you have moved on from him a while ago, you shouldnt have to do anythding for him. Bring other guys into the house just as your doing, So what if he gets jelous? He needs to control his own emotions, someday he will find someone for himself.
posted by Casey on 3/4/2008

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