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so me and my boyfriend have been together for about 3 months now, and it has been the most amazing 3 months ever!
but there is his ex-girlfriend of 2 years. ugh, i hate her more than anything. i think she just talks about me to make herself feel better. and then he has this "best friend" and i dont like her either, well actually i didn't have a problem with her until she started talking about me too, because her and his ex are like best friend. he still talks to his ex. should i trust him?
posted by lauren (age 15) on 3/1/2008 @10:38:43 AM •
you have to trust him until he proves you not to trust him.. you will grow and realize more and more that trusting people is the best thing you can do... Having someone to love is the best thing, and it sucks that she is talking about you, but people can talk what they feel like talking the truth in the end always comes up, dont worry things will fix and you will understand later on and your young you have much to live for dont worry life will start to reveal itself later on
posted by Jesus on 3/1/2008
Trust him until he proves you wrong and then you KNOW for certain you cant trust him. Maybe try talking it out?
posted by Casey on 3/4/2008

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