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okay so i got kicked out of my parents house on feb. 12th so i've been living with my boyfriend and his parents for the past 2 weeks. he's getting really possessive and he's not letting me know when my friends are trying to get ahold of me, because im moving in with one of them tomorrow.. what should i do? should i take a break or just end it or talk to him about it or what.......?
posted by Jenn (age 18) on 3/1/2008 @11:23:19 PM •
i can't tell u that u should leave him but i think a lil time away from each other is always good ..
but a "break" is usually a reason for a guy to find a new g/f and they don't work .. but i can tell u that u shouldn't move in with a b/f .. fiance that's a different story.. moving in with someone screws **** up .. always.. unless u kno everything about the person don't move in with them..

my advice is don't call him for about three days .. don't even answer .. 3 days!!! seriously it will help
posted by Bakin' for better relationships (age 19) on 3/2/2008

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