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"Friends After A Breakup.."
I went out with my ex for about a month. We were very close friends for three years before we went out. He was one of my ex's best friends, but they stopped talking to each other. I moved out of state and back, and we still kept a close friendship. When we went out things were amazing, but I really only wanted to be friends with him. We worked together since June of 2007. He broke up with me because he started college and he is also in 3 bands. We stayed good friends after the break up. We talked to each other every other night, and I even went to a concert he performed in with my friends. The next week we hung out and he asked me out again. We went out for a month. He broke up with me because he didn't want commitment. We remained friends, still talking, and I went to another one of his concerts. At the concert me and one of the guitarists in his bands and I hit it off. I told my ex that I like his guitarist and he got extremely jealous, texting me every 5 minutes everyday. I invited his guitarist to my Thanksgiving party, and he showed up later. My best friend and her boyfriend were there with me and the guitarist, and we were drinking heavily. One thing led to the other, and we slept with each other. He wound up calling my ex and apologizing on his way home. My ex and I got in an argument at work that day, which he started on our lunch brake. To get back at me, he wrote a terrible blog, calling me all kind of names, and brought his new girlfriend to work and showed her off. I quit the next day. After not having contact with him for a month we have a math class together. I went out with his guitarist for 2 months, but we mutually broke up because of his work and bands. I just want to be friends again with my ex, like we were, but he won't even acknowledge me when I'm sitting right next to him. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...thanks :)
posted by Ashley on 3/3/2008 @3:29:04 PM •
I know this isn't advice, but, Sorry! It's your mistake and now you must be the one to fix it. Follow your heart, and, in the end, things will turn out however they do.
posted by Casey on 3/3/2008
dear ashley, i think that you should tell him you know what your problem is you didn't value me as a friend. im totally braking my head over you if i should say hi and if you will accept to be my friend again do you remember those times we had well if we don't have them again is your own fault and then don't let him speak and he will be back.
posted by marlen (age 19) on 3/3/2008

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