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"breaking up."
all of a sudden my boyfriend said things changed; like over night. and i truely did love him and i dont know what to do.
posted by sofie (age 16) on 3/3/2008 @5:12:52 PM •
dear sofie the weak, look your best act you best drees your best do exercise listen to this song rihanna umbrella gonna get you in the mood to see things more clearly look girl what you need is to go out so you can feel there are so many worthy people that care for you like me im writing this advice cause i think none deserves to be treated like this don't call your ex because that's what he is now try to be more of you now that he is not around and do not look at him or talk to him make it seem like you didn't care about your break up flirt non stop but no to ****ty be really friendly things you did not do with him do with other people and if he dosen't come back after that he is not yours and if he does hit me with a shoe lol love always and always ORANGE
posted by marlen (age 19) on 3/3/2008
:/ its the honest truth guys would do that over a night... and they forget how much the other person truly loves them, but life keeps going and waiting for him to realize he lost a great thing may take a eternity.. there is so many people in this world dont worry about it just be strong i know its hard to ask but i know anyone can make it through anything.. ppl are stronger than they give themselves credit for .. =] and many people love you and you havent met them, you will meet some people who will let you know that and will make you smile kinda like this :] maybe bigger.. and make you remember everything happens for a reason
posted by Jesus (age 16) on 3/3/2008

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