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ok. i had been seeing this guy for 3 months and for the past 2 weeks he has been really acting like a jerk. so i sat down with him to talk to him and told him every thing on my mind and he lied about one thing and ignored every thing elas i said. so then i told him that i think he shouldnt stay the night over at my house any more (because we are moving too fast for just dating 2 months he is already talking about kids and buyin a house together)and he flips out and that is the only thing he says anything about. i even said that he had been acting like a jerk and he didnt care he just fliped out about me not wanting him to stay the night at my house anymore for a while. so he then says all this crap about he never has time during the day to hang out and all sorts of suff trying to make me feel bad. and when i still said i didnt want him to stay at the house over night for a while he goes on to say that we need to take a brake and just be friend for a while and then try again later after me telling him i dont want to brake up i just want to slow down. then i find out he is talking to his ex girl friend agian when he had just told me he wants nothing to do with her. what should i do? try being his friend? or just forget about him and move on?
posted by Christina (age 18) on 3/3/2008 @7:59:51 PM •
ok well first it will be more like focus on what to do in the future priorities should come first.. and then if a guy is a jerk they really dont deserve to have a girl.. girls are such a valuable gift, and him just being a jerk and ignoring you isnt a thing that should be dealt with.. you dont need to put up with it .. is not your fault is his.. any decision you make will have a outcome dont worry and in the end there is always a reward =]
posted by Jesus (age 16) on 3/3/2008

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