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"My Boyfriend and I =] =] =]"
Ok, i got some feedbaack from ya'll on another situation I posted. I'm NOT happy with it because it feels like i'm being pushed around in it. But anyway, i'm still happy with my boyfriend and now it has been about a month and a half. He says he loves meh and i love him back. Hes truthful, but sometimes a little nervous if he doesn't want to tell me something, he says he trusts me, but im still so confused! HELP MEH!!!!!!!!!!!
posted by Casey on 3/4/2008 @9:31:46 AM •
hey don't feel pushed with the advice on here! when somebody seems like they're pushing you, they're probably just passionate about what they're saying. you never know - they could have gone through something similar, and they don't want you to have the same (bad) thing happen to you... nobody can know your situation but you. others can only base their suggestions based on what they've experienced themselves, ya know?
posted by jj on 3/4/2008

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