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So i have been dating this guy for over three years, we dont really hang out anymore; maybe like once ever week. That is not alot compaired to what we used to. He is 20 and i am 18; still in highschool. well i am just wondering if feelings are starting to fade or not, becuase when we do hang out we dont ever "do anything" but we still get along and have fun....but it really does not bother me that we dont hang out. I have been talking to some other guys and stuff...nothing serious AT ALL! but i am just wondering if i should act on this or if i should just go with the flow and stay with my boyfriend. Maybe i just see him as a really good friend...i dont know! i am really confused...and he has no idea that i am even thinking any of this. He wouldnt understand.... i dont think.
posted by Stacy (age 18) on 3/5/2008 @5:38:15 PM •
Well, if you feel that the relationship between the both of you isn't as strong as it once was, and is possibly fading you have two main options. The first is simply to talk with your boyfriend about these things that are bugging you, and see if he feels the same way at all.

Your second main option, is to probably hang out with these other guys a bit, talk with them a little more, and see if maybe there is someone better for you, or someone you know you'd be able to be around more than just once a week.

And also, if you do feel that you two are really great friends, then perhaps that is all you two need. No longer a relationship, but the fact you both get along well enough to be considered good friends.

There are plenty of other things you can do, but those are the two main options that you have, if you wish to act on either or both. Anyways, hope I could be some help. =)
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/5/2008
You need to think anout it and decide if you still like this guy or if you like someone else. Then tell him the way you are feeling. Maybe you can still work things out and start hanging out more. But maybe you need t find someone younger then you. Only you can decide.
posted by Kristina (age 20) on 3/5/2008
I went through the exact same thing Stacy. It is a hard one, and it takes it time to solve.
My advice is to talk to your boyfriend, even though its hard, you should, so that you can both get your feelings out in the open, and maybe change things
however if nothing changes, then personally i think you've lost the spark, and talking to these ova guys, you might find a new one, so go 4 it
i was with my bf for 3+half yrs, it got stale, so i started talking to some ova ppl, hangin out wit them, and now ive got a new bf and ive been wit him for over a yr now, and im alot happier.
so do what feels right huni
posted by Emily on 3/14/2008

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