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okay, i know this isnt a vital issue, but i have naturally blonde hair which ive always been complemented on, but i started dying it at a very young age and now im stuck having to grow it out all-natural and its taking FOREVER...i want it to be long enough to cut off right above the shoulder by 6 months from now...so my question is-whats the secret to faster hair growth?? ive been taking pre-natal pills AND biotin pills but nothing seems to work...any suggestions?
posted by 2-tone :( (age 16) on 3/5/2008 @7:16:12 PM •
Haha, I had to actually look this stuff up, and take some of my own personal experiences.

Alright, being a guy, we're not into really long hair or anything, only a small number. Now I did grow my hair out myself, and let me say that it grew more over the summer, than it did the entire school year.

I kid you not. I had to actually look up what might have happened, and I learned that being out in the sun alot really helps the growth of hair. So painting outdoors and shooting hoops all day long really did pay off.

Now here comes the stuff I looked up for you. First, with only a few rare exceptions, hair genetically only grows around six inches a year. So yeah, if you're looking for a huge boost, don't rely on your genes. Another thing I've read is that sleeping well, 7-9 hours a day is also good for your hair.

How you ask? I have no idea, and they might be basing that on nothing. But hey, the article sounded somewhat smart, so I went with it =)

If all else fails, use hair extensions for a while. Of course I'm a guy, and have no knowledge or experience with those.

Hope I helped, or probably not. Might be better to get a girls advice. Just a guess ;)
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/5/2008
Hair growing shampoo.
posted by Molly (age 18) on 3/13/2008
eat a veary well balanced diet, LOTS of sun and take a multi- vitamin everyday.

i had that emo-ish hair cut where its really short in the back and long in the front. well that was roughly 6 months ago and its already to the bottom of my shoulder blades. its was mostly due to the healthy diet
posted by amanda (age 18) on 4/8/2008

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