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"Friend's breakup"
I have a friend that got dumped. she's like family to me and I hate knowing that she's hurt. What can I say to her to help mend her heart?
posted by Kevin (age 18) on 3/6/2008 @10:19:52 AM •
First off it depends on how close of a friend she sees you as and then depending on that you should go from there. if you know enough about your friend get her and some other mutual friends together for one of those friends out type deals to forget about it. Group outings help me all the time when I'm down. IF not that Use what you know as her friend you should know her tendencies well enough to know what cheers her up, but this also might be one of those let it be situations if it is you just got to let her heal on her own.
posted by Moses (age 18) on 3/6/2008
my advice is be there for your friend. Let her know if she needs to talk, you'll listen.
posted by Denise (age 37) on 3/6/2008

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