relationship advice (post new situation)
i like this guy and he's my friend but i dont know if he likes me back. i want to tell him but im way to chicken. what should i do?
posted by Amanda on 12/19/2007 @6:04:41 AM •
i think you should tell him. what's the worse that could happen? he says no... then at least you don't have to wonder for the rest of your life if doing something so simple would have made everything different.
posted by haylee on 12/19/2007
you shouldent be to afraid to ask him i mean ive tried and it didient work out but we are still friends!!!
posted by taylor on 12/19/2007
I know how you feel. One time I really liked this guy and gave him a Christmas card saying I love him. I do not know how it happened, but it got all around school and everybody made fun of me. I ended up crying right in school. I do not know if you should tell him, but if you think your relationship is strong enough, then I would say go for it. Be careful.
posted by Tiffany on 12/19/2007

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