relationship advice (post new situation)
"what should i do??"
so.. i've been goin out with my boyfriend for a year and 4 months.
The first few months were really really great, we never argue, and we've never broke up.
But lately i just feel alone. I go to his house every nite, and we always sleep at eachothers houses. I never see my friends anymore, so i aint really got any one to talk to about my problem.
The problem is that we never ever go out, and if we do, its always with his friends or family.
when we're at his house all he wants to do is play on his xbox, so im constantly bored out my head. I wanna go out even if its only once a month, just to have some alone time. Also one of his exes keep texting him and it's really gettin to me.
Am i just being stupid?
posted by lilly (age 18) on 3/6/2008 @10:35:23 AM •
Of course you're not being stupid haha, you're just concerned. The best thing to do about all of your issues is to talk with him directly about it.

Tell him it's either the X-Box or you. Or at least make him give you a higher percentage of attention. X-Box's can be fun to play haha. And if he feels the X-Box is more important, then you can probably make up your mind right there and do what you know is right.

And about the other things, just talk with him on it. Tell him your concerns and such, and I'm quite sure if he's a great guy, then he'll be more than complying. Or at least understanding. Better than nothing =)
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/6/2008
Hi lilly, i've gone through the same situation and survived it. My bf loves xbox, and doing free running, so he's often playing on his games or training with his friends.
The way i coped was by doing something i enjoy, for instance, when hes on xbox, i play on my ds, as there are alot of girly games for ds. And when he's out with his friends, i used to go with him, but now i just go an catch up with my friends, go shoppin, cinema, anything, then we meet up after and hang out just the two of us.
if you want to do something with your boyfriend, try going 2 cinema, ice skatin, or if your lucky, drag him shoppin :P
With his ex thing, you just gota trust him, but if its really getting to you, then you should confront him about it.
Love Em
posted by Emily (age 18) on 3/14/2008

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