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"weight problem"
well i'm 5ft3 and weigh about 12 stone
im a size 14-16(UK) and really want to lose some weight, i find it hard sticking to diets as i have major cravings for chocolate.
I dont wanna starve myself or go on a fad diet
any good advice??
posted by lilly (age 18) on 3/6/2008 @10:41:59 AM •
here's the thing that worked best for me: exercise for some time every day that you can (something aerobic, that's fun for you hopefully, even just a walk around the block), and eat what you want (but only when you're hungry - that's important). when i say eat what you want - that's exactly what i mean. if you don't like salad, but you like potatoes, eat some potato. just stop before you're stuffed. do your best to stop exactly when you're satisfied and no longer hungry.

and there's nothing wrong with chocolate! just don't eat two kilos at one sitting.

you have to be patient. you have to stop saying, "i'll start tomorrow (or next week)." and never ever think, "well - i already ruined today, might as well stuff myself."

i've lost 5 stone and kept it off for five years (so far).
posted by jason on 3/10/2008
I'm also trying to lose weight, too. But diets never, EVER work and they're just usually unhealthy. I've heard of various tips. Supposedly, flax seeds help you lose weight (you can get flax seed oil in supplements). Also, drink green tea before you walk. It increases your metabolism. Make sure you exercise a few times a week at least. Eat normally, but only when you're hungry. Eating while you're bored is really bad I've learned, so try to avoid that. And another tip I've gotten is to not eat after 7. And it's ok to have chocolate sometimes, but try to limit the amount you eat in a day. Try and stick with 145 calories worth or so.
posted by Molly (age 18) on 3/13/2008
i too am a size 14-16(UK) and weight roughly the same as you do.
i personally love my curves, it gives me more of an hourglass look
you should'nt be so worried about you weight huni
yes, there are alot of stick thin girls, and altho they may seem to get all the guys, take a closer look, all the guys they get are jerks, 1s who sleep wit em then leave em, or go wit their best mate, etc
if ur really self concious about ur looks, but cant seem 2 shift ne weight, then wear flatterin clothing, make sure dat it gives u a smaller lookin bum/tum and u can pull of the sexy look easily
posted by Emily on 3/14/2008

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