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"like him but unsure bout his opinion"
i really like diss guy but he is already going out wit another girl. we used to go out but he dumped me ({so obviously im da dumpee and he is da dumper}) we were really friendly and sometimes i flirt wit him and he does da same thing to me! but he always gets mad at me at least 3 times a day... wut do u think is wrong?
posted by nichole (age 11) on 3/6/2008 @1:46:25 PM •
Well, here's the thing. If the guy dumps you, starts dating another girl, and continues to do some serious flirting with you, is he really worth it?

I'm a guy, and I can tell you we're not that stupid, nor idiotic...well most of us are anyways, but we don't mean to be. The thing is, this guy obviously is dating one girl and flirting with another. So what does that really mean? Either he's just unsure of what he wants, or he's just trying to play as many girls as possible.

My advice would probably be forget about him, and move on. You're 11, there's a whole lot of more boyfriends ahead for you. Don't let this guy mess any of that up. Always got to explore new options.

posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/6/2008

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