relationship advice (post new situation)
so this guy asked me to prom, and I don't want to be mean when I turn him down, so what do I say?
posted by Natasha on 3/6/2008 @5:48:47 PM •
Just tell him you want to go with someone eles.
dont make up a lie.
because that would hurt your alls friendship.just be honest and sincere,

i'm sure he willl understand.
posted by betty (age 17) on 3/6/2008
Hmm, well considering I'm a guy, and a girl wanted too tell me she wasn't interested in going, I guess I'd like to hear something along the lines of being honest.

Whether it's you have someone else in mind, or just don't want to go, either with that person or just not the prom in general, be honest. No need to lie your way out of it, it'll only end up worse.
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/6/2008

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