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i have a job and work 3 days a week.
and usually when i'm working. all my friend go out and have fun.
sometimes i wsh i could be just like them and get wild with them. and then sometimes i'm glad i have a job and have a good sholder on my head.
but its soo frusterating not being able to practically have friends outside of school.
it dont seem fair. am i being idiotic or smart.
i love my friends. but i swear its so hard to hear everyones stories and know that you wasnt a part of it.
posted by betty boop (age 17) on 3/6/2008 @6:23:57 PM •
you are the smart one! this exact same thing happened to me and now i have good work ethics and don't have all the regrets that everyone else has. i know it seems sad right now, but there will come a day when the your friends will have to grow up and you will already be way ahead of them. also, you are able to see the dumb things they are doing simply because you aren't in the middle of it. i learned so so so much from not being around when all the partying was going on...i didn't have to mess up like they did. i learned from their examples.

i'm proud of you for not being a part of all the stuff. resisting will make you a much better person. :)
posted by m (age 21) on 3/7/2008
the 'social crowd' isn't worth worrying about. it's overrated to put it in short.

Money is worth more and when it comes to paying for things such as college(as you may be doing soon) and that piece of mind is a wonderful thing.
posted by Derek (age 19) on 3/25/2008

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