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"Action Replay Max"
What is it& how do I find it for the Playstation 2 console? Do I need an expansion pack?
posted by dGrigoriSephiroth on 12/19/2007 @6:53:16 AM •
okay, i found the game here:


i also found this, which reads like an expansion pack is not needed:

Packed with never before seen features, the Action Replay Max takes advantage of the growing popularity of broadband console gaming to deliver easy code updates and save transfers. Traditional game enhancement features such as Mega Memory Management tools, DVD Region X software, and an updated version of the Action Replay cheat engine are also included.

Using any PS2 compatible Broadband Network Adapter, Max users will be able to go online through their PS2 and download new codes with a single press of a button. Gamers will also be able to download game saves from CodeJunkies.com, the official Action Replay Max support site, directly to any PlayStation2 memory card, requiring no PS2 to PC link cable or software.

A new Quick Mode allows beginning cheat device users to enable codes in seconds, with a user friendly, graphics driven interface. Advanced gamers can use the Expert Mode to customize their code selections. Both modes utilize Action Replay's exclusive "intelligent code" technology, ensuring no cheat code conflicts occur which may adversely affect game play. The technology also benefits gamers who do not have broadband access, as it verifies manual code entry to ensure accurate codes that function exactly as the code creators intended.
posted by james on 12/19/2007

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