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"just friends"
my best friend and i have known each other for about three years now. we talk on yahoo im, on the phone (for hours at a time), and hang out every chance we get. we tell each other everything. we even joke about how we should be twins or something. well, last summer we were hanging out when we figured it out. we both had liked each other from the beginning. so we saw each other more and friends said we acted like we were dating, although we had never said that we were. even though he knew that i did want to date him. then he took it the wrong way when i said i love you one day. i have always said that as i do to my closest friends. well, we had a falling out of sorts, but we just began talking again. and now i feel like it's the same thing all over again. i do still like him and still want to date him, but i have no idea what he feels. although we both can't wait to see each other again. i have no idea what to do when i see him, and i can't just tell him how i feel. i don't want us to end up like b4 and go w/o talking for another six months, or longer. What should i do?
posted by kaytea (age 19) on 3/7/2008 @3:41:37 AM •
i think that you guys need to tlk and you need to tell him to let you kno how he feels like more than friends or just friends. if he dnt like you the way you do him then move on and find someone who wants to be with you as much as you do them.good luck
posted by teela. (age 16) on 3/7/2008
If I were you I would ask him questions to see how he feels and then I would take that into account before I would tell him completely how I feel. I would let him know I liked him, but love can be a scary word. It means committment and even people who want something more then life can be a little skitish when committment is launched at them. Good luck.
posted by Lynn (age 19) on 3/10/2008

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