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"shady people."
Hey i was just wonderin if ne one could help me out.
on my past situations you guys have.
so i was wonderin what to do about some shady people. I mean the ones who are supposed to be you "best friends"but behind your back they talk about you like a dog.i dont understand it.
I mean i usually dont care what people say aboutme behind my back.
but the things this perosn said hurts rly bad its just not human what this person said like how mean it plz just tell me what to do.
posted by teela. (age 16) on 3/7/2008 @8:43:17 AM •
I have dealed with these kind of people. They are fakers and don't care about anyone but themselves. So, here's what you do. Confront this person. If it goes no where tell your parents or a teacher. If it gets worse, confront this person in front of everyone. Show them that they you are stronger than you look. They will have no idea who they are beating on. Lastly, don't let people push you around. Trust me, it gets better after this. Muah<3
posted by Penelope (age 15) on 3/7/2008
i had exactly the same problem. The best thing to do is just stay away from them, or confront them. Most girls **** about there friends or put them down, to make themselves feel better, or just to make a joke out of u. PPl like that are just not worth the time of day..If u havent left high school yet, as soon as u do, u will deffo realise who ur true friends are
posted by lilly (age 18) on 3/8/2008

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