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"My Lover?"
Here's the deal. There is this guy that I REALLY like. Problem is he is dating another girl. Nothing seems to be sparking between them though. Then one of my friends recently told me she kinda likes him. I don't want to betray her, but, as I said, I really like him. Should I go for it?
posted by Penelope (age 15) on 3/7/2008 @8:00:43 PM •
If you do, you will be risking your friendship, chances are he's not the right one anyway, so what is the point in losing a friend over it?
posted by PollyDoesntWantYourStupidCracker (age 18) on 3/7/2008
DO NOT DO IT. At the end of the day if he likes u enough he will end things with this other girl and ask u out. If u go behind her back and he cheats on her chances are he is definatly gonna cheat on u. What goes around comes back around
posted by lilly (age 18) on 3/8/2008
I was in a situation like that before and I did go for it. I did risk the whole friendship and my friend was mad at me for a few days but she reliezed that our friendship was more important them some guy. Just explain to her how you feel and if shes a true friend then she will understand.
posted by Lynn (age 19) on 3/10/2008

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