relationship advice (post new situation)
"lost girlfriend"
5yrs later she left me for another
posted by tom on 12/19/2007 @7:42:24 AM •
i'm sorry that happened, but now you know she wasn't the one for you. it would be awful to spend more of your life with someone who really doesn't want to be with you. look at it like she did you a favor. she could have stayed with you and saw the other guy on the side. that seems much worse.
posted by haylee on 12/19/2007
I agree. I just went through the same thing except we were married!! And she WAS sleeping with him and I at the same time!! Your better off without her. I know you dont see it now, but give it sometime. It took me several months to get over it!!!! But now I know it was the best thing. Keep your head up! Lots more women out there that are better suited for you!!!
posted by Jay on 12/19/2007

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