relationship advice (post new situation)
my wife has stopped giving me oral pleasure... she just up and one day stopped and said that she does not like doing it... i never asked her to "finish" the job, just a few minutes here and there... how do i get her back on track....
posted by in need (age 50) on 3/8/2008 @3:24:36 PM •
To be honest, you've got to respect her decision on whether or not she wants to do it. You can't force her to pleasure you, it's her decision, and only hers.

And anyways, there's always your hand ;)
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/8/2008
Don't force her to do it. She obviously doesn't feel like it. if you try too many times than she will probably get very annoyed. Don't let a relationship go to waste. Eventually she will want to have sex again. Muah<3
posted by Penelope (age 15) on 3/8/2008
ok well can relate in a way i didnt want to also but my boyfriend didnt force me he just got even tease her get her really horney and stop she will want more and just say o i dont want to or i dont feel like it she will try to get even but only if your really that good
posted by sally (age 18) on 3/10/2008
I think that if she said "no" Respect it. If you keep pushing her to do it then she will feel forced and she might do it just to make you happy and feel really bad for it afterwards. You can never force anyone to do anything. Just give her time and let her make up her mind.
posted by Lynn (age 19) on 3/10/2008
i know what your going thro. my boyfriends wants me to do that too we used to go out and now were back togeher and i don't like it anymore but i anly di it to make him happy. but you can't force her to do something that she doesn't want to do, it will just make her not want to do anything like that anymore.
posted by Donna (age 19) on 3/26/2008

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