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"Religion or Love"
well my name's Jason and the girl im in love with loves me 2 but we both refuse 2 change religion resently i but a engagment ring that we both wanted to get if we were gonna get marreid and so relgion is once again in this, i love her for her nomatter what religion, but i feel as if only 2 be with her is 2 change, i don't think u'd have 2 change what u beleive at all if its the one u love, so i could use some incuragement, to press on showing how much i do love her or is it just gonna depend on time and her?
posted by Jason (age 22) on 3/8/2008 @5:46:47 PM •
You are right. It really doesn't matter what religion you two hold. All that cares is the love that you have for each other. If you let religion get in the way, then you could be turning down your one true love. If she doesn't have the same feelings, then you know she is not the type and one for you. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but only one that can hold its place in your heart. Muah<3
posted by Penelope (age 15) on 3/8/2008
if i was u, id just accept that u both have different beliefs, and u shud try and learn about eachothers beliefs. Things are changin and the world is moving on, if ur family have a problem with it then its their problem, things arent like they used 2 be. dont ruin what u have because of this.
posted by lilly on 3/9/2008
I have been in a sorta similar situation. Just except your differences as long as you two are in love and make each other happy then go for it. Just try to compromise and your religions will have to be seperate activities. Don't fight over it.. it will just make you two slowly drift away. Good luck.
posted by Lynn (age 19) on 3/10/2008
Jason, religion shouldn't a difference in love, it will however mean compromising, but then again so do all relationships. If you are worried about things like where the wedding would be held, then simply go halfway. Alot of marriages nowadays are joint religions, you don't have to get married in a church or anywhere else, you could get married somewhere like outside, and in a registry office, that way both sides can come together in a place where it won't make a difference. You should talk to you partner if it's really distrupting your relationship so you can both meet halfway on your views.
Love Em
posted by Emily on 3/14/2008

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