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Just starting a couple months ago, my mom started going out EVERY Saturday. She won't even tell me where. Then she started texting someone 24/7. I also have a dad. He doesn't know anything about it. What I am starting to think is that my mom is cheating on my dad. My mom doesn't talk to my dad anymore and gets mad at him for the simplest things. When I tried asking her where she goes, she just gets mad at me. What should I do?
posted by Penelope (age 15) on 3/8/2008 @5:58:00 PM •
my mom did the same **** so me and my brother copied down the number she was texting and called it it was a friend of hers
posted by anonymus (age 22) on 3/9/2008
There are two possible, and very likely, explanations to what could be happening. The first is that your mother is just hanging around and talking with friends. I mean, she is your mom, and I'm sure she had good reason for getting upset when you asked what she was up to. When you think about it, don't we as kids get upset nad agitated when our parents try to pry into our lives a bit too much? =P

But the second, and just as likely, possibility is that she may be cheating. If this is true, then you may need to confront her personally on this. Now like I said earlier, no one likes having someone get into their personal lives too much, but just say what your worried about. I'm sure she'll reassure you it's nothing to be worried about.

The part about your parents fighting all the time is nothing new. All couples argue, even sometimes over simple things. It's still the love that binds most of them together. And after living with someone for so long, they're bound to argue with each other over dumb things.

Anyways, hope I was of some help.
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/11/2008
your mum is a grown woman, and unfortunatly alot of parents split up nowadays, and theres nothing you can do unfortunatly. For this one, id suggest just letting your parents solve this on their own, it may hurt, but you can't force ppl to stay together, its not right, if you mums not happy wit you dad, she should have the choice to leave
in the end you just got hope for the best
posted by Emily on 3/14/2008
Unfortunately my parents divorced started in a similar way. EXcept my dad knew what was up. He actually followed her and would tell me he was going to go rent movies....right after my mom would leave the house. This was when i was 18. Has there been any signs before now that she might be unhappy?
If not, then i suggest you ask her what is up.
posted by Felicia (age 23) on 3/21/2008

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