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"How Much?"
Right now I am eleven years old and weigh 74 pounds. Am I overweight or under?
posted by Elizabeth on 12/19/2007 @5:10:29 PM •
when i was 12, i weighed 89 lbs and everyone thought i was small. i was very healthy and that amount of weight was perfect for my body type. it sounds like you are a totally normal weight for your age. i wouldn't worry about it at all (unless your doctor thinks something is wrong, of course). actually, in a couple years, you will probably be so happy that you are small. trust me, i was.
posted by sarah on 12/19/2007
hey i found a calculator that lets you know whether you're in a healthy weight range or not. it takes a second to fill out (you have to type in your height and stuff), but it's pretty cool:
posted by james on 12/23/2007

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