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okayy.theres this guy at my school and hes been sexually harrasing me and its got to the point where i cried at school so i went and told a counsler about it and the cop at my school they had a talk with him and says he never said ne thing. but ive gotten word that hes so pissed off that hes goin and tellin random ppl that hes goin to beat me up bc i opend my mouth. so i went to the principal again to day and he cant get into any trouble bc there is no evidence that hes rly doing all of this. so i dont know wat to do so plz help me out.!.
posted by teela (age 16) on 3/14/2008 @7:39:33 AM •
okay teela!!
i know what it feels like to have someone harass you, and them not get in trouble. you have no proof that they are touching you, nothing. it sucks really bad when you have to stay in that school with them until 12th grade. the thing that i did was i told my mom and even tho there isno proof, my mom filed a sexual harassment charge against him and he isnt aloud by me. everyone in the school knows, and yeah they call me a tattle-tale and say names, but at least now i know that i am safe from him. i hope nothing goes further than what he is doing now. stay strong && dont let him get to you

posted by Ashley (age 16) on 3/15/2008
Kick him in the nuts. Just kidding though it would work I bet.

Kind of an odd way to do it but you could always get some kind of recording device when your typically around him.
posted by Derek (age 19) on 3/25/2008

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