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"get over him"
Ok i dated this guy off and on for two years. but now i want to get over him. Everytime i try to get into a relationship with someone else he always steps in and messes everything up and i hate it. i love this guy to death but i think its time to get over him but i honestly dont know how. i have tried everything please help!!!1
posted by Chantel (age 18) on 3/14/2008 @9:09:34 PM •
okay i think that the only way he is messing up your relationships with other people is because you are letting him. you need to find it in your self to be able to let him go. if he is always stepping in and messing things up i think in a way you want him too. maybe you two need some time away from eachother.
posted by sarah (age 18) on 3/16/2008
I completely agree with Sarah. He only messes things up if you let him, so stop letting him. He's obviously jealous and just wants you for himself. However, you don't need a guy like that. Go have some fun.
posted by Megan on 3/17/2008
the reason he is messing the relationship up, is because you still have feelings for him. you're not denying it either, which is good, because you know you need to get over him. the best way to get over someone is to move onto someone else. if you just take some time and put work into a new relationship and don't focus on him so much then hopefully it will work out for you!
posted by sydney on 3/17/2008
The only way he can harm your life is if you let him. Hes only going to continue if tyou let him... Walk away when he is nere, ignore him when hes around you friends, dont think about him... hes nolonger a part of your life... If You really need to... think of the things you hate about him... and when hes nere just think of him as a scandelouse pig that just wants your body... youll get him out of your head sooner or later... good luck
posted by Chris (age 19) on 3/17/2008

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