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"break up"
me and my boyfriend just broke up this past weekend. we had only been going out for a few months. we went to thesame school since 8th grade, and then this past june we became best friends. and i mean best friends, we hung out everyday during the summer and during the school year he came home with me everyday. we told eachother everything. starting in about july i knew i liked him. i kept this a secret for a while. he asked me to homecoming and i assumed he liked me, but i was too scared to find out for sure. then he moved in december. we knew it was coming i just didnt want it to happen. he moved 2 hours away. im not allowed to drive that far because it's on a highway and stuff. he visited a week after he left and it was on new years. he kissed me and asked meout. we decided we would try the long distance thing. we had seen eachother 3 times throughout january, february, and march. not a lot but i mean we talked on the phone everyday. and there were a lot of pros about being long distance even if there were cons. and when he visited it was great. he would stay for 2 days and stuff. he was my first kiss. i may have loved him, im not even sure. he broke up with me 2 days ago, because of the distance. he said we gave it a try and it didnt work and that it was just too hard now. he told me i would always be his best friend and it's not awkward at all, i mean we've already ahd the talk and stuff about remaining friends and we agreed that we are still gonna be the same best friends we were before. idk if that's too soon. and he says that he will never find another girl at his new school and he said he still likes me but it was just too hard. back in the summer we made plans to attend college together. we're still doing that, and we both agreed maybe we can try it out then. do you think anything will happen before that?? how can i make this work? i want it to work now. distance is hard, but he's worth it to me.
posted by sydney on 3/17/2008 @9:27:05 AM •
by the way, we go to college in 2 years. we're both sophomores right now.
posted by sydney on 3/17/2008
You shouldn't revolve your life around someone else. Plus you never know, love works in mysterious ways. I'd say the best bet is to stay best friends, but move on.
posted by anne on 3/17/2008

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