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"Roomate Situation"
Alright well to start off I am a guy who has tried to stay away from comitment and relationships. No im not a player but to avoid getting hurt like i have in the past i have always purposfully ended things after a few days/weeks or messed things up.

Right now i have a class with this girl named Taylor. Taylor is awesome but i just like her as a friend, but she likes me as more i guess or so her friends have told me. Well the other weekend i met her roomate and started talking with her. Then this weekend we hung out at a party. Now i am not sure what to do because for one i am a little worried about falling for someone again. Two, how do i make it work with someone when the roomate is always going to be there.

I dunno if i should just drop it or what but i need to do something because im having a hard time getting her off my mind now. any advice?

posted by Brandon (age 21) on 3/17/2008 @10:11:40 AM •
hey if you like her and cant stop thinking about her, go for it. Everyone is afraid of getting hurt, but every once in a while you need someone to kiss things better, even if they rip the sores open again later. Its life, and you cant go through it empty handed and empty hearted. Make your relationships like your friendships. As for her roommate, think of it as exciting, finding secret places to be together, or even the thrill of knowing she could walk in at any moment. who knows. cheer up buttercup!
posted by jenny (age 19) on 3/17/2008
Yeah, definitely go for it. I think that you can't be putting so much fear into commitment and relationships. For one, your fear of both will be almost, if not totally, gone once you began a relationship.

And as for the Taylor girl, I would say definitely date her if you feel she is right for you. Things may be awkward at first, considering you cut things off so quickly, but after those first few weeks, you'll realize how better is when you commit yourself. Anyways, about the roommate, I don't think she could become too much of a problem. If she is good friends with Taylor, then I'd say that she'll respect both of your privacy and the need to be alone together.

Anyways, best of luck with your situation and I hope I could be of some help.
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/17/2008

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