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"lil big problem"
since i was lil iv known i was diffrent and now i accept this im gay... but thats not the problem.. im in the army!!! i joind August of '07 and 4 of my frinds know... my famliy knows ..... but i just dont know what to do! September '08 the us milatary will drop the "dont ask dont tell" policy and replace it with "dont ask dont herass" meaning u can be open but u cant ask or ... come on to each other... advice?

posted by Derek (age 18) on 3/17/2008 @11:12:59 AM •
Hey man, I can see the problem your having with these military 'regulations'. I've only done minor reading on the don't-ask-don't-tell policy, and I must say this new policy you wrote about I was completely unaware of.

Anyways, though I can see your stress with this, I would probably say don't put so much worry about it. Considering no one can techinally ask you about your sexual preference (hope I worded that right), you don't need to have any fear of getting discharged. The second part, not being able to come on to each other, shouldn't be too hard. Or at least, don't make it too much of an issue.

I guess, the best thing about this one, because I'm still have only limited knowledge about these policies, is that focus on friendships with other men, but not relationships at this point. There's nothing wrong with being gay, and I'm all sure most of your own comrades will accept you for it nonetheless.

Sorry if I wasn't a huge amount of help on this, but just remember not to worry about the situation and just be fine with who you are. The army in general may have issues with it, but that doesn't mean your comrades and friends will.
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/17/2008

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