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"does he like me.?."
okayy, there has been this german guy at my school hes over here to job shadow teachers. and hes like realy cute but hell be leaving soon and hes rly nice to tlk to and everything and i was just wondering wat i should do like should i tell him that i like him or what i dnt kno im just soo confused and i dnt want to not do ne thing bc i think i might regret it if i dnt. and so just let me kno summin plz.
posted by teela (age 16) on 3/18/2008 @7:22:10 AM •
hey teela, I would say don't go for it :[
think about it, if you tell him you have feelings, and he has feelings back, what's going to happen? a lot of emailing and long distance calling and it's going to hurt you in the end.
I did the same thing with a girl from Alabama and it ended very, very poorly :[

but only you can decide on what you want, so I just hope this helped.
posted by Jake (age 18) on 3/19/2008
nope. if he's going back to germany then whats the point? he came to america for job shadowing, not to get in a relationship. besides, would you wanna be with a guy who lives thousands of miles away? and if you DID get with him, how often would you see him? ever? think about it.
posted by cheri (age 18) on 3/19/2008
offer to be his pen pal or long distance friend that way you can still keep in touch and your also not rushing into something with very little knowledge
posted by moses (age 18) on 3/19/2008

You should first get to know this guy from germany just start a friendly conversation. Maybe do this for a few days just to when you think you trust him enough to give him your number and have him call you (check that he doesnt have a g/f first! lol) and when he does call you work your way slowly to relationships. Shortly after swallow your pride and tell him that you like him or that you atleast think hes cute. if he doesnt like you in that way maybe you and him can still be friends, if he does...well im sure you know what to do. its not like your 2. Good luck to ay! =]
posted by Justin (age 16) on 3/19/2008
Another Teela. Wow, a very popular name on this site.

Well, the only problem I can see in this is that this guy isn't staying for a year or two, but will be gone very soon. As great as it is to tell him how you feel, you have to take in the fact that long-distance relationships, though workable, aren't very strong when it's literally over-seas.

Should you tell him how you feel? That one is up to you. If you really feel it's important enough, then go ahead and tell him. But don't put too much of your hopes into being with guy. Your young, there's a whole lot of time of dating still ahead of you.

Anyways, it's great to be friends with him, and if you think it's important, then tell him your feelings. But if not, then be thankful the two of you have a great friendship, and know you'll both be able to keep it even over seas.
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/19/2008
teela, i think that you should go for it. Ask him how he feels about you and maye if he ould like to go to the movies. I took a very big chance and asked this guy if he would have lunch with me. He was so much hotter than any other guy that i have ever dated and now he is my husband. I know that you are only 16. but you dont want to be 32 and wonder what would of happened if you did date him for a little bit. and dont worry if it doesnt work out there are plenty of fish in the sea.
posted by marlissa (age 19) on 3/19/2008

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