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december 17th 2007, was a day that ruined all up to this day. I had a severe panic attack, and ever sense reality and life has been twisted. Every day i think about this weird feeling i get and its when i feel like i am not who i am, almost like a out of body expierence but more in depth. its like a derelization of life, look that up. its ****ed me up so much i dont even go to school anymore, im home schooled and the tutor goes to my house starting tommorow. I dont want whatever this is ruling my life but it wont go away. my friends say dont think about it and it will pass, and i believe this, but its impossible not to think about..i dunno i just wish i could find a ****in answer to this horrible thing..
posted by AJ (age 18) on 3/18/2008 @9:58:51 PM •
this sounds alot like something that happend to me. about 2 years ago, i had a panic attack while i was alone in my room. i didnt sleep at all that night, and cried endlessly. i didnt understand "the meaning of life", and ive been terrofied of death since i was i think that may have been one of the biggest problems. ever since then, everything seemed like one big dream. like, i wasnt real, and nobody else was real. it got worse though. i couldnt be alone, or else i was afraid. i had my boyfriend read me the bible!! only cuz i was so confused, and i felt so terrible. it made me crazy, i had to take medication to help me relax, and stay on track in school. eventually though, it passed. every once in a while, it comes back, but not nearly as bad as back then. the best thing to do, is to try to enjoy life. maybe your stressed out? you deffinetly need something exciting in your life to take your mind off of that creepy feeling
posted by Sarah (age 18) on 3/20/2008
Your only 18 and you body is still growing. Wait until your 22 or 25 than everything should be back as it used to. With the way our Government runs this place... I would not be amazed that your brain is holding toxics that are not allowing you to feel as your self. Watch what you eat and take in your body. Thrust me if no one
posted by Brian (age 22) on 3/21/2008
i have depression, anxiety, and trichtotillomania, i started having emotional problems when i was 11 and i had started trying to end my life and i spent about 6 years trying to do that, i tried everything in the book, im on therapy and on antidepressants, school was always rough for me i was always made fun of because of my weight, and in highschool i had a near death expirience during the summer of my sophomore year and after that i just had anxiety about everything, i had to drop out a month into my junior year of highschool, i did nothing for a year straight because my near death expirience scared me so bad that i just couldnt face the world, what happened was i got an ingrown hair that turned into an abscess and i got blood poisoning from it so bad that my temp was 104.6 , vomiting every 4 mins, it was about 80 degrees and i was shivering i had 3 layers of clothes on and 4 blankets on and i was still shivering i got to the hospital and i needed emergency surgery, when i woke up from the surgery i had an anxiety attack to the point i couldnt breathe they put a mask on me and held me down to the bed because where the surgery was done if i sat up i could have torn the stitches, but ya so i did nothing for a year after that and then i finally got a job, i was working fine, worked for a year and 3 months and then boom anxiety hit me outta nowhere i would start crying behind the register i was having panic attacks before going to work, when i get anxiety i vomit so i always had to have my mom pull over on the way to work or i would be late to work because i had gotten so upset and i ended up having to quit my job, and well hate to admit it but its running my life right now, i dont have a job, never finished highschool, dont have my ged, i cant get my license cuz every time i even try driving in a big empty parking lot the minute a car pulls in there im done i get all hot and sweaty and heavy im here for you if u ever need to talk
posted by angela (age 19) on 4/1/2008

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