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okay.. so me and this guy went out for a long time, then i broke up with him twice for two different guys, and we haven't gone back out since the last one...but we atarted talking again, but when i was at a party i hooked up with a guy, & he ex found out and got he won't talk to me cause he thinks i'm a whore... but i think i really do love him. i told him i'm sorry and he said i did things no one could ever forgive... HELP ME ?!
posted by missing him... on 3/19/2008 @2:41:56 PM •
I think the problem here is the fact that you've now been with a total of three different guys, while trying to explain to him at the same time you still really do love him. And, to be honest, it is probably going through that guys head as just bull, and a ploy.

Now the fact he thinks your a whore, though isn't justified by myself, may be justified in his head because of the other guys. I don't think it's because he truly thinks your one, but is angry and upset that you tell him these things, and yet go on and date and do other stuff with other men.

The first thing you need to do is talk to him about what's been going on, and how you feel towards him. The second thing you need to do is sit down and think about what you want. Because if you truly do want and love this man, then you'll have to consider stop dating other guys. Honestly, it just isn't helping your situation when you say one thing and do the other.

Anyways, hope I could have been some help. Things can be tough, but I hope everything goes alright.
posted by Jon the Mase (age 17) on 3/19/2008
Honestly...not to seem rude, but it seems like you've lost his trust, and once you lose that, there isn't anything to base your relationship on. You can show him somehow how truely sorry you are and prove to him you will never hurt him like that again and hopefully he can forgive you..but I don't know. Try and get him to talk to you, but if he refuses, then you have to let go.
posted by Molly (age 18) on 3/20/2008

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